“Spine is the backbone of our body and the backbone of our life is helping, enabling and empowering each other. We at The Spine Clinic believe and practise a treatment for all strategy and at any given point no patient is returned without a treatment plan if and when required.

Our nation’s foundation and future depends on our farmers, workforce, and many other professions that are very demanding physically. These can take a toll on their bodies and given the current health infrastructure it can be very difficult for our rural and suburban population to get access to good medical care.

We want to reach out to everyone with spine disorders and diseases who do not have access to good care, that please reach out to us in case of need and we will help anyone who deserves our support and care towards their betterment and good quality of life.”

Tech Neck Syndrome
Preventing Sports-Related Spine Injuries
How to Avoid Neck Pains
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